Making learning easier!

I am a certified Learn Coach who passionately supports students to unfold their learning potential. Each training plan is personalised and based on the individual needs of the students.

Areas of intervention

Study Skills

Attentioner’ Training

This is a group training for concentration // “Attentioner Training Programme (Taifun)” // Selective and continuous attention training //Available only in German

Learning Techniques

Identify and understand learners profiles // Train to process information more efficiently // Use of mind maps // Developing own learning strategies // Techniques and strategies

Executive Functions

Time Management and Organizational skills Development // Improvement of planning skills//
Impulsivity Control // Self-regulation and Motivation Training

Socio emotional growth

Brain Gym

Connecting body and mind // Integrating visual, auditory, and motor skills // Improve the integration between brain parts and links between the two hemispheres // PACE //

Stress Reduction

Mindfulness based exercises // Brain Gym exercises // Training Self Awareness // Exams‘ stress and anxiety regulation //

Emotional Intelligence

Understand your emotions and learn how to navigate them// Be connected with others // Empathy // Self awareness // Self Direction //

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.
Lau Tzu

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Dein Lern Coach

Making learning easier!

My goal is to equipe you with the right tools to become an empowered and life long learner who is aware of her/his strengths and potentials.


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