Areas of intervention

I offer a wide range of services to help you achieve the results you want. Not sure what you need or how much it costs? I can show you which method is right for you and tell you more about rates. Contact me via the details below.

Attentioner Training

Group Training for concentration // “Attentioner Training Programme (Taifun)” // Selective and continuous attention training //Available only in German

Learning Techniques

Identify and understand learners profiles // Train to process information more efficiently // Use of mind maps // Developing own learning strategies // Techniques and strategies

Executive Functions

Time Management and Organizational skills Development // Set priorities // Improvement of planning skills//
Impulsivity Control // Self-regulation and Motivation Training

Brain Gym

Connecting body and mind // Integrating visual, auditory, and motor skills // Improve the integration between brain parts and links between the two hemispheres // PACE

Stress reduction

Mindfulness based exercises // Brain Gym exercises // Training Self Awareness // Exams‘ stress and anxiety regulation

Emotional Intelligence

Understand your emotions and learn how to navigate them// Be connected with others // Empathy // Self awareness // Self Direction //

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