Brain Gym

Many studies have shown the interconnection between movement and learning. I like to integrate Brain Gym activities while working with you since this is a successful well-known tool which can be easily trained.

But what is it? The Brain Gym Program was developed by Paul E. Dennison and his wife in the USA during the seventies after 20 years of work and studies done on the functioning of the brain and the interdependence of physical development, language acquisition, and academic achievement.

Their understanding of the impact of movement and perception on fine-motor and academic skills led to the creation of a set of 26 exercises to activate the two brain halves while integrating the five senses and body so to equip the person with the skills needed to learn effectively. 

These exercises can help you to stay focussed and present, to activate your learning potentials, to improve your physical coordination and balance and to reconnect your body and mind.

If done regularly, the exercises activate areas of the brain and strengthen neurological pathways that may not be well used otherwise leading to a noticeable improvement in memory, concentration, relationships and communication.

So, let’s start with our gym!

Registration and start possible at any time!

Let’s build something together!

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