Executive Functions/ADHD

Do you ever feel that schoolmates understand things more easily than you do and get great results with a little amount of work? Maybe sometimes you feel unprepared, a bit lost, confused and not sure about what to do and no idea on how to do it?

All these are possible indicators of a weakness in executive functioning.
Executive functioning is a set of skills that includes organizational skills, time management, working memory, emotion control and a few others.

A weakness in these areas will make your student life quite hard and lead to substantial lack of motivation and interest towards learning.
However, the good news is that our brain has an amazing learning potential therefore with a consistent training and repetition, you will interiorize new strategies and working skills which will then turn into habits.

The better your executive skills, the more effective you will be at school and in your daily life!

Improving executive functions will make it easier for you to maintain higher level of motivation and perseverance!

So, let’s tackle it together!

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