Learning Techniques

Learning style is a way of learning. Your preferred learning style is the way in which you learn best. Have you ever asked yourself what kind of a learner you are? Each of us perceives and absorbs information differently, nevertheless three main learning styles are often identified in students: auditory, visual and tactile.

Learning Techniques
Visual learners apprehend best when the content is presented through graphs, sketches and use of color coding.

Auditory learners learn best when the information is channelled through voice and sound. Differently, visual learners apprehend best when the content is presented through graphs, sketches and use of colour coding. Tactile or kinaesthetic learners are more successful if they can use their touch or move while learning.

Having said that, this does not mean that you learn only with one learning style. Many students use multiple styles to enhance the ability to retain information, offering the advantage of learning quickly and at a deeper level so that the recall of it is more successful.

The integration of different techniques is the ideal way to learn.

Let’s get you familiarized with various learning techniques and you will see how this will enhance your ability to study more effectively!

For example, if listening to your teacher in the class did not allow you completely understand a topic, let’s train and get used to reformulate and explain the content out loud.

Or, was the comprehension of a reading material not successful? Then, let’s work on a visual representation of its content! Let’s learn how to use mind-maps to structure and organize your thoughts! Mind-maps are a creative and structured tool that can effectively help you to generate and organize ideas.

Once you have learnt different techniques, you can tailor your revision methods to suit your style. Your own learning style is your strength and key to great results, so we work to unfold it to its full potential.

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