Emotional Intelligence

Teaching Emotional Intelligence to children is as important as teaching children how to read and write. I consider it an essential skill that children should be equipped with to adapt and succeed in life.

But what is it?  It is the ability to recognize, understand and name emotions. Guiding children through emotional intelligence practices means to help them smartly navigate their own emotions.

During our sessions, you will experience and practice paying attention to how your body and mind react to different situations (self-awareness) as well as how you can intentionally respond to them (self-management). So, you will be able to deliberately reflect on your actions and the goal you want to achieve (self-direction). 

Encouraging you to identify your own feelings and to articulate them, means to also acquire the ability to be aware of others’ emotions. So, you will train to respond to others in a way that you would want someone to respond to you (empathy). Therefore, you will also develop the capacity to build and maintain strong and supportive relationships through trust, respect, and care.

Emotional Quotient is the key to unlocking your powerful potential. 

Do you want to start unlocking your emotions?

Let’s build something together!

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